Web SIG Cleveland - MVC for Web Designers and Developers

  • 17 Sep 2011
  • 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Room 30 (Lower Floor - Administration Building), Notre Dame College, 4545 College Road South Euclid, Ohio 44121-4293
The Model View Controller (MVC) pattern of web architecture is a different way of building pages from the traditional one-page, one-URL architecture. The Model-View-Controller pattern can offer significant benefits to the developer but also requires a different way of thinking. At our September 17 meeting, Bill Kiraly (www.cohenkiraly.com) will give an intro to MVC that should be important information for both Developers who may want to use it  and for web designers who need to understand the pattern to design their HTML and styling to work with an MVC site.

With the MVC pattern, the developer creates three distinct parts of an application: the Model which abstracts the data you are manipulating, the view which provides the presentation to the user and the controller which accepts, understands and responds to user actions and contains the logic of how the models and views interact with each other and the user.

MVC has several potential advantages over traditional web architecture. Among them are:

  • It is able to completely implement test driven design so you build your site to meet requirements and can more easily and reliably perform maintenance and changes.

  • Some aspects of MVC make site and application development faster, easier and more reliable. It enforces separations of concerns, again making your application easier to understand, to build and to maintain. You can completely reskin a site without changing the model or view, you can completely change your backend functionality without touching your user interface.

  • It is a more truely object-orient development pattern. MVC is not specific to any language or platform but Bill will be demonstrating in ASP.Net

  • Created properly, it can provide major URL improvements for both SEO and for usability. MVC can offer site performance improvements over traditional patterns.

Meeting location map and directions.

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